About Ophelia Flassig

Ophelia Flassig (*1996 in Dingolfing, Germany) is an artist and musician living in Munich. Her professors were Olaf Nicolai, Albert Hien and Heike Baranowsky. She focuses on performance, choreography, conceptual art and video works. Since 2019 she is a fellow of the Studienstifung (German National Academic Foundation). She was also a guest student of Jan St. Werner (Dynamic Acoustic Research) and Raphael Sbrzesny (University of the Arts Bremen), and in 2021 an artist in residence in Gyumri, Armenia.

In 2022 she passed her state exam in art education for secondary school and since then she is continuing her studies in Theater Research and Cultural Practice (M.A.) at LMU Munich. Furthermore, she works as a freelance artist and studies in Fine Arts classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and Nuremberg. In 2023, she led a performance workshop at the Studienstiftung’s “Performing Arts” conference.

Besides visual arts, she plays Viola in various constellations, regularly with Mary Utiger and Kristin von der Goltz (historical performance practice) and in the Lower Bavarian Chamber Orchestra under Gerold Huber.